Shawnee  Tales
Dec 2015
by Lin Romberg
  This month we had a couple of collectors willing to share their wall pocket collections with all of us.  It is so appreciated to have readers email us and share pictures - I love to see how the collections are displayed and most of us love being surrounded by our beloved pottery.  Many of you recall when my neighbors house burned a year and a half ago -  afterwards I thought had I lost my home and collection, I would have been replacing a lot of the pottery because I can't imagine a home without Shawnee!  Interestingly though at the time of the crisis, I never thought about a single piece of pottery - just my dogs!!!!

Enjoy the displays of wall pockets - keep in mind you probably have some pictures to share with readers too!!!!!!
The above Wall Pockets are a compliation of 3 or 4 reader contributions.
"All 4 walls of our  basement are wall to wall, floor to ceiling Shawnee. We collect nothing but Shawnee.    We have a fire place and big screen TV with surround sound in the basement and theater seating, so in the winter time, we love to hibernate there. With the lights low, the glaze of the pottery just shimmers from  the fire  glow. I love curling up with a cup of hot chocolate and usually end up looking a the pottery more than the TV. I get lost in my thought as I reminisce  about our adventures of the  Shawnee hunt !"

Wall of wall pockets!

  We sure appreciate the contributions!

  A collector on an antiquing trip found an interesting burgundy lamp - one I have never seen before!  Note the stars on it similar to the stars and stripes pitcher and glass set on  page 256 in Pam Currans book - that plus the color says Shawnee!!!!!
"Yes, that lamp is really nice.  We did not buy it as we have the same lamp in cobalt blue, which is my preference.  I don't remember the last time I saw that version.  The trip was great fun.  We saw a good bit of Shawnee in Kentucky.  One shop owner even said it was selling pretty well and she thought it was on the upswing.  Hope she is right!  The prices were pretty soft, in most cases and didn't see anything crazy rare or unusual.

  There were a few jars out there, but mostly just the plain versions.  Not even sure if we saw a gold trim yellow bib smiley along the way."
  Years ago in Zanesville in someone's kitchen there hung a fruit string holder that is possibly a one of a kind sample piece - you can see it displayed in Bev and Jim Mangus book on Shawnee, page 191.  Fun days at Pottery Festival where we would see unusual pieces that came out of the factory.  Also in the same home was the burgundy Howdy Doody bank featured on page 116 of Mangus book - cannot describe the thrill of seeing and hearing about the history of these pieces.
Until next month,

Doug's Corner
A follow up on last month's green ashtray -
"I don't recognize the piece, but it looks 1960s or early 1970s and fairly thin clay. I would guess it is from California, but that's just a guess. If the mold has the name readable, it will appear backward in the final product. Apparently, the mold was made with the name readable. I've seen these before, but don't know why some molds show up this way. It could also be a mold made from an actual piece of pottery, as it would appear backward on the final product.

I didn't see a similar piece online when I searched, but I saw several California pieces that have dry feet in places that suit the mold typical of this one.

Write us anytime. We're always here to share.

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  That's all for this year. To those of you that celabrate it - I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and is looking forward to a wonderful 2016.
  Below is a hand decorated Smiley a collector found - always a thrill to find a specially decorated jar with something extra!  Nice find.  Thanks for sharing.