Shawnee  Tales
Oct 2015
by Lin Romberg
Doug's Corner
In lieu of Halloween candy I'll provide some Shawnee candy sent by friends.
  We've talked about this teapot design before, Shawnee or Not. It sure looks like an original Shawnee label from here.
  Just a reminder to new collectors - there is plenty of NEW Shawnee cornware on Ebay. This seller lists it as NEW, which is right. Be alert to the details. For more information click this button,         look under 2008.
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  This year is speeding by so fast - with the holidays approaching Ebay should have some great pieces, at least in previous years I have always felt some of the better pieces are listed prior to Christmas - many for gifts but also people tend to treat themselves with a special piece.  Dealers I know think October and November are their best months.
  The cookie jar reunion was supposed to be the first weekend of October but ended up being canceled.  Canton flea market has always been a big event in the area.  Years ago I went to Round Top for the Fall sale in October and was really impressed by it - not sure how it is today, that was fifteen years ago and it was set up like early Zanesville Pottery Festival Days - sellers set up in fields along the road - lots of great pottery as well as primitives, gorgeous furniture - wide selection of everything.
  Memory from the past Zanesville days -

  "Still enjoy finding Shawnee, like my first arrowhead ashtray in Zanesville and dropping it on the table in front of Jim Mangus and Duane Vanderbuilt and Linda Romberg, that was fun!"
  I was so impressed by Doug's pictures in the July newsletter of the all the fern pieces - I have specialized in a limited way with the salt boxes and the match holders - but love the sets of pieces - another collector showed his grease jars and they are gorgeous and hard to find.

  Just to follow up, no fern in any color other than the three basics.  Interesting how some of the flower fern pieces were  also in the primary colors like dark green and cobalt, but not the fern, as far as I know
from July Newsletter
Just these 3 base colors are all I've seen. Doug
  I don't think I realized they (the fern) don't come in ivory as I have the flower and fern salt boxes and just assumed the fern ware also came in ivory. I wonder if anyone has found possible test pieces in any color than the three shown above? Fern ware is more common in the Midwest but see very little of it in the West but on occasion have seen the flower and fern shakers and pitchers around in Ivory and other colors. 

  A collector shared some pictures of some unusual  pieces - blew me away as have seen nothing like any of these - what rare pieces.

  I seriously NEVER envy a piece as always figure it is out there to be discovered but the match holder was almost heart stopping for me - it is so gorgeous - I love my gold trimmed salt box but this puts it to shame!!!!!!!
Here are some more great pieces -
  Hope everyone is out and about for the search for new pieces for their collections.

  Happy hunting.

  Until next month,

Soooo hairy they need a brush!