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August  2005
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  For those of you watching Ebay there have been some pretty good buys out there, summer is always a better time to buy than to sell online. Several emails inquiring about the range size Indian corn shakers - primarily because of the location of the seller in Kentucky - many buyers feel things are not what they appear to be, so use caution. From the picture I have the shakers look great, it is the area in question, as way too much gold and supposedly rare pieces coming from non collectors. As most of you know it takes years and years to acquire a large collection of gold pieces, even with Ebay available.

  Doug emailed about some fake Muggsy range shakers with a terrific decal that certainly would fool most Shawnee collectors at first glance - just this week I was explaining to a collector to beware of any Muggsy shakers with decals as THEY DO NOT EXIST IN GENUINE Shawnee - not saying the shaker couldn't be genuine as we have had people in the past add decals and gold but Shawnee vintage Muggsy shakers were NEVER decorated with decals.
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  Interestingly, the first pair of gold Muggsy range shakers I ever purchased were for a gift for my brother and his wife - and such a deal as the seller told me he was dumping them because some idiot had painted black paint all over them - don't you just love bargains like that - this was nearly 20 years ago and I think I paid around $20 for the pair. As many of you know, I lost my brother several years ago and now those treasured shakers are in my collection.
  Just this morning I was having a conversation about collecting with Barb Crews, she writes an online cookie jar newsletter, we both agreed that often times people get so obsessed with the collecting that it takes the fun out of it - I really think the early days of collecting Shawnee when we networked and met other collectors through Pam Currans newsletter were the glory days - the newsletter would arrive and the phones started ringing across the country. And people weren't stepping all over each other for a piece of pottery - remember, this is supposed to fun and the pottery should have good memories. There is not a piece of pottery more important than a friendship. I can still walk through a mall and reminisce a spot where I discovered a terrific piece sitting there waiting for me to discover it. Ebay often makes it too easy and takes some of the thrill out of the search, though it certainly makes it easier to expand our collections. Back then some of my most treasured pieces came via cookie jar collectors who would find Shawnee for me and I, in turn, would find other jars for them - believe me, it comes back to you tenfold and many lasting friendships along the way.

  I have not heard from anyone who attended this years Pottery Festival in Ohio. Had hoped to have a report for you on finds and auction prices. Possibly if anyone reading this was there, you could jot me a note and I can include a report next month.

  Have you noticed the change in format for bookmarking auctions on Ebay - no longer can you tell the ending time - they are forcing us to watch items via My Ebay - many friends have commented on their displeasure with this change - wouldn't hurt to email Ebay about this if it is an issue for you.

  Is there any interest in posting a wanted or for sale section in the newsletter???? Once in a while I am looking for parts to complete a piece or find odd pieces - in particular I am looking for a lid to a round sugar/grease water bucket
  Also, I have a lid to the lobster relish dish with no bottom but it is such a rare piece - would love to find someone who needs it for their collection - the base for it would be marked USA 926 - the lid is notched and this is a hard to find piece
  By the way, a lobster bean pot/cookie jar slipped through Ebay for a song this week - seller mentioned minor repair to lid but still a bargain.

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