by Lin Romberg
May 2015
Shawnee      Tales
  As I mentioned in last months newsletter, I have been going through the photo archives and came across's so many terrific pictures of collectors displays and thought I would share them.  Always fun to see how others display their pieces.  I wish I were more organized with all the files, little did I know I would eventually have thousands of pictures!
  What we have here is a slide show. Click any picture to enlarge. Then click the PREV or NEXT button at top of picture to advance. For larger pictures increase the magnification of your browser, usually at the upper right corner of the screen or hold CTRL and push the + button on top right your keyboard.
  Also, many of you who have been long time collectors may know Ruth and Claude Reed, they were regulars every summer at Pottery Festival and we had such wonderful times back then.  They were enthusiastic collectors and really enjoyed the hunt.  I am sorry to report that Claude passed away in December, his grandson Robert is selling off their collection on Ebay under the seller name Robandval - definitely worth checking out as some unusual pieces and a wide variety. Two items that recently sold were really great - the pie bird with the original paper apron with instructions - in all my years I had only found one in PA almost thirty years ago and my friend kept it - the other piece is the darner doll with the label intact.

  They also had all three colors of the Mangus Shawnee signs - I was lucky to get the blue one.  A lot of competition for the rose one which went for $180. 
  Had a nice report on one of the first flea markets of the season - good buys, dealers were discounting because of the soft market - pictures of two new additions!
  "We had the first show of the season this weekend and got lucky. Didn't expect to find anything, but we did. We found the Granny Ann, pictures attached. Dealer was going to stop doing shows, so she had 30% off her prices. The price on Granny Ann was good to start with ($59.00).

I'm going to send another email with pictures of a wheat rabbit we got. Paid a good price for him, but wheat is so hard for us to find. We now have 3 pieces with the wheat - 1 rabbit and 2 squirrels.

We also found a RRH bank. Didn't figure we've ever have one of them. But there were a lot of dealers running 30% - 50% off. The dealers we know say the shows haven't been that good."
  A note from Pam Curran: The little Bird on Gourd planter with the flat bottom is definitely Shawnee. A Bob Heckman design, you'll see that bird on a Dish Planter in my book.

"I had one of those Bird on Gourd planters once, and put it back as I must have been broke that day. :^(  Then I asked Bob Heckman about it and sure enough he claimed it as his design. Never found another one..
  This is the same bottom as the Blackie, Queenie and Puppy planters.
Hoping everyone has some great finds at the Spring markets.

Until next month.

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