by Lin Romberg
Feb 2015
Shawnee Tales
  Another month gone by in the "new" year, I actually put in January in the title and realized the newsletter is for next month...... time goes by so fast!

  A collector shared pictures of a few of his Granny Ann's - spectacular display and two are quite rare, especially the mauve and lavender one with all the extra stenciling - it is marked with a paper label which says "sample, not selected so is likely one of a kind - it was featured earlier in the Dec 2013 newsletter but several other Grannys have been added to this beautiful assortment of ladies including several red heads!
  Doug and I always appreciate collectors sharing displays of their pieces - shows us the wide assortment of pieces out there yet to be added to our own collection. Fun to see how collectors display their pieces. Finding cabinets to feature our pieces is a whole other collection.  I was in the mattress and furniture business for years yet had fun acquiring antique cabinets to display pottery and literally have no wall space available to bring over some cabinets I inherited from my Mom - thank goodness Dad is still living in their home!  The secret is to buy what you love!  I think everyone will agree about the warmth our collections ad to our homes.  Funny when I look back through pictures when I first started collecting - I could place a jar between the pieces in cabinets - now most pieces are almost touching or at best I could fit a figurine or maybe a shaker between pieces.

  On Ebay I spotted a Chic pottery pig piece - love it for the go with decals - but not at the price - $250, then reduced to $194.99.  The pig and duck dish are likely made by Chic pottery as well with our beloved Shawnee decals - I love the go with decals on other pottery companies pieces but not at that price.  Also including a picture of the dog and elephant with decals.

  Going through the archives of pictures on my computer, will pull some for the upcoming newsletters as so much out there to be discovered. I wish it were more organized where I could find certain pictures more quickly but it is a trip down memory lane scanning through so many files.

  As I write this the Northeast is bracing for another brutal storm - here in Arizona we are in the mid to high 70's with all the Super Bowl frenzy.  Come summer when it is 115 the rest of you can rub in how nice your weather is.

  Until next month.

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Below are a few of the Grannys in my collection.
Doug's Corner
Just a reminder - pottery identification ain't simple. Do you think both of these deer are Shawnee?
I received an email from a reader wondering about this piece (seen on ebay).
Looked pretty simple, Shawnee. Even looks like a partial Shawnee foil label, right.
  Well the reader didn't exactly see it that way -
"The covered wagon's bottom is not correct unless Shawnee made 2 different styles. Again I have several Shawnee in these 4 & 8 spoke plain & gold, all have have almost flat bottoms and marked 514. The hump where the axles are and the USA in the valley are like McCoy or American Bisque. I do have one of these as well. Maybe we need a bit more input on these!"

  So, is it two different molds or not Shawnee"?
We are open to your input -  input here
And from the same collector, this wheelbarrow (as seen on ebay), Shawnee?
Yep, in the Mangus book. Also in a McCoy book.
  "The wheelbarrow can be found in Jim & Bev Mangus book page 49. I have about 7 of these, all different colors, so I am sure its Shawnee. If not Mangus got it wrong. But you see these all the time listed as Shawnee. Wondered if Gold applied by someone like Mccoy4u?"
Yep, confusing.      Your  input here