by Lin Romberg
Sept 2014
Shawnee Tales
  Is it possible summer is almost over?  It has been a long hot DRY summer in Arizona.  The weather is so crazy all across the country - hope everyone came through unscathed.  I know a lot of the Midwest had some major flooding.  Then the earthquake in Napa - terror for everyone but am sure a lot of collectibles were lost, I was in the 1971 one in southern California - not a collector then but it moved our refrigerator and king bed across the room and emptied half of the water in the apartment pool. Terrifying.  I later recall a friend who was in the San Francisco area one 25 years ago and she said her husband held in the doorway as she watched one of her Little Red Riding Hood jars "walk" off the fireplace mantle and shatter as it hit the floor.

  Had an inquiry this month about the elephant shakers on the cover of Bev and Jim Mangus book.  From time to time collectors ask about them as no one seems to be able to find a pair EVER.  I recall talking to Bev years ago about these and they have eluded her as well - this pair belongs to her sister.  I will make a point this next month to call her and find out more - curious is anyone who reads this has ever seen a set or has them????
  We still receive a lot of inquiries about how to know if the hairys, butterflies, bugs and other decor are genuine.  My best advice is to check the pictures on Doug's web site and in the newsletter archives as well as those in the books - there is a certain degree of consistency.  I think some of the questions are being generated as one of the Ohio malls has two jars that everyone considers doctored - a gold shamrock Smiley with a butterfly on the head - the jar is genuine but the butterfly appears to have been added - there is a gold tulip in the same booth with suspicious decor - unfortunately I can't find the picture of it.  As I have said before, I hope with the newsletter and website we aren't educating those who doctored our beloved pottery to perfect their scamming.
Just this past month there was a gold shamrock with an authentic butterfly - seller reduced the price to $720 and then accepted a best offer - definitely a good buy!
As seen on ebay
  I've requested a couple of collectors to send pictures of their pieces with extra decoration, hope they will take the time to share.  The full toupee is the most common hairy but there are so many others out there also and it might help our readers to distinguish what's real.  Often stumbling on them in a small shop or flea market for a reasonable price for a gold jar WITHOUT decor, it is pretty safe to assume they are real - when the price is really high, beware - it may be real but just be extra wary.  many will have imperfections in glaze bubbles, but not all do.  Prices are not as high as in years past but most of us with the specialty pieces have paid dearly, I won't even admit to what I have paid for some of the hairys I have - always say I paid what it took to get them in my collection.  Hopefully the bargains on other pieces balance out the investment!  They are keepers anyhow - value only matters to those who buy for resale!!!  A friend and I were talking the other day how in previous times of recession and tight economy people invested more in collectibles but the past couple of years that has not been the case for our pottery or any collectibles.  Always collect for enjoyment not with the idea of getting rich or even recouping money spent - it'll always retain more value than clothes, household items or furniture but we've seen what can happen with prices.

  Not Shawnee related but many of us collect other potteries as well.  This past week Billie McCoy of McCoy passed away.  I had the pleasure of meeting her in Zanesville at Pottery Festival several times,  She was a wonderful lady.  Here is a copy of her obituary.
Billie was born March 7, 1924, in Groom, Texas. She was the daughter of the late Jess and Ayme Ritter. She graduated from Gulf Port College.

She married Nelson McCoy in 1945 and moved to Zanesville. She was a member of Grace United Methodist Church. She worked for years in the design department of Nelson McCoy Pottery and was an enthusiastic collector of older McCoy pottery. She was an active member of the Zanesville community and enjoyed her time and friends at the Zanesville Country Club. Mostly, she enjoyed her family: her husband Nelson, her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Surviving are her husband of 69 years and her daughter, Margaret (Perry) Smith of Wilmington, NC; also surviving are a sister, Margaret Brownfield of Moberly, Missouri, and a brother, Keith Ritter, of Amarillo Texas; three grandchildren, Perry (Emily) Smith, Lindsay (Chris) Grider and Derek (Elizabeth) Smith; and three great grandchildren, Peter Smith, Matthew Smith, and Margaret Grider.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by three brothers and by her beloved son, William "Mac" McCoy Jr.

Friends and family may call two hours prior to the funeral service which will be held at 1:00 P.M. on Friday, August 29, 2014, at the BOLIN-DIERKES FUNERAL HOME, 1271 BLUE AVENUE, ZANESVILLE, with Rev. Steve McGuire officiating. She will be laid to rest at Woodlawn Cemetery, Zanesville.

Until next month, happy collecting.

Doug's Corner
  A Shawnee collector offered these pictures for display, with a promise of more later. The dark blue collared Winnies and Smiley are unusual. Be alert for variations in decoration.
The dark blue is underglaze.
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