by Lin Romberg
Shawnee Tales
July  2014
  These months are flying by too fast!!!  So many of you are busy traveling to flea markets and antique shows across the country. Pottery Festival is coming up in less than two weeks for those of you within proximity to Zanesville, Ohio   I will insert a link for anyone interested in attending - years ago I went every year but have not been back in over ten years so am not up to date on events.

  I know there is an auction on July 11 - Jeff Koehler posted on Facebook an unusual looking "RARE" decorated Smiley pig, the comments have been varied but with most long time collectors all agreeing it is a cold painted blank that someone later decorated, just not typical of any Shawnee decoration even as a lunch time employee decorated piece.  Honestly even Larry McKinley's tampering looked better, just my opinion and others, I have to say I have not seen the jar in person but cannot imagine any Shawnee collector being interested as it has none of the charm of our beloved Shawnee.  It has stirred so much controversy that I am sure Jeff wishes he had not posted.  It will be interesting to see how much it sells for and who lays claim to purchasing it (if anyone does admit to it).  By no means am I disparaging Jeff or his auction as have attended and to my knowledge they have always been very reputable.  As collectors the general consensus differs from his.

Have some wonderful pictures of collectors new cabinets to showcase their growing Shawnee collection.
  A really nice find was a corn sugar and creamer in solid gold - spectacular set over the white corn - really stunning pair.

  Not a new find by the collectors who have this but to me one of the most exciting finds is the Valencia Relish tray WITH THE ORIGINAL SHAWNEE PACKAGING.  I am not a Valencia collector but this is THE absolute most coveted piece in the line.
Next month I hope to add a bit about a recent sale..................

Have a wonderful July and until next month....
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