Shawnee       Tales
Apr  2014
by Lin Romberg
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  Several contributions this month, so glad to see readers participating!!!

  A collector really found a couple of great pieces at a small auction that had no other Shawnee yet two wonderful finds!
  Goes to show we never know where something wonderful can turn up, when and where we least expect it.

  Another wonderful jar this collector acquired is a Smiley with added decoration - gorgeous jar.

  Another couple of finds with a note after arrival in the mail. (These rectangular teapots just won't leave us alone, I am now 100% not Shawnee on them. Doug)
  Teapot is about the color I thought it might be, very similar to Homer Laughlin's pumpkin color found on Ovenserve... but a bit muddier, more like Royal China's, but lighter.  It is also nearly 2 ounces heavier than the same size gray one!
  Perfume bottle... found it and laughed when I realized what I was looking at... they had it listed as a "stopper".  I guess they thought it fit on top of a wine bottle of some sort, because of that cardboard collar.  Blue matches other Shawnee I have, and the bottom USA mark is more like what I'm used to seeing on Shawnee than that on the green one.   I think I would like my next one to be Burgundy. :)
  So many variations out there that have yet to be discovered by very many collectors.  I noticed on the Facebook pages for the groups Shawnee Pottery and Pottery Collectors, quite a few people are inquiring about various pieces trying to confirm authenticity, for those of you on Facebook you might consider joining these groups.  Interesting pictures and comments are being posted as well as pictures from a lot of collections. There is also a group for Cookie Jar collectors - fun to see what people are discovering
  A piece that may be Shawnee???

  Just ran across this in my collection?  I didn't remember buying but now I remember the lady telling me that this was Shawnee and it was a salesman sample?  The only thing I can find similar is in the Pam Curran book on page 208.  It says pot & saucer in the book BUT mine is a different color and it is marked 60-a on the bottom and the one in the book is unmarked.  (My guess, salesman sample or glaze test piece. Doug)
  Sadly, another picture of what is happening all too often with Ebay purchases.  A beautiful gold Muggsy cookie jar that arrived in pieces because of inadequate packing.  A reminder to all of us to approach sellers about wrapping properly - it can be a touchy subject but so often sellers are NOT pottery people and really don't have the knowledge about properly wrapping the items.  Also the breakage doesn't seem to concern them the way it does us as collectors, we know these pieces are irreplaceable and dwindling as the years go by.
  I had a couple of inquiries about a set of gold Smiley range shakers listed on Ebay questioning the red lacquer bibs.
  I have never seen these range shakers before?  They are really cute and love the decal but I'm not familiar with it as well?
  Definitely authentic but not very common at all, a couple of months ago  there was a Chrysanthemum Smiley cookie jar with the red lacquer over the bib on Ebay. Some buyers avoid the red lacquer as it is sometimes questionable to them or less desirable. In my early days of collecting I sent back a gold elephant creamer because I mistakenly thought someone tampered with the piece after production by painting the red on the piece and it really turned me off.  .  Ignorance!!! The red lacquer has been a subject in many earlier newsletter articles!
  Doug and I are always available to help someone authenticate a piece or advise, I am certain there is a lot we don't know but over the years we have managed to connect with others who are more knowledgeable in certain areas than we are.  We all learn by sharing information and finds, often our instincts guide us for the most part. 
Until next month.............