Shawnee      Tales
Feb  2014
by Lin Romberg
  Already a month into a new year!  Doesn't seem possible.

  The reader looking for the red headed Granny Ann wrote that he had added it to his collection.  Sometimes it takes a long time for us to find a specific piece we have our heart set on.

  Another collector wrote in about a doctored Puss N Boots cookie jar on Ebay that had no decals and sloppily applied gold around the bow - and of course it had a buyer.  It was the long tail mold too, a shame to ruin our pottery like this.
This jar sold for $99.99.
  Regarding last months Valencia, I am not very knowledgeable about it as see so little of it out in Arizona, have only had a few pieces over all my years of collecting and only picked those up for a friend who collects it - we had a reader contact us with some comments and questions - maybe one of you can help with the markings.  I foolishly passed up the Valencia dancers at the Pottery Festival years ago and as I have said before - I never regret WHAT I buy only what I DIDN'T buy, that is one of my biggest regrets - that piece and the Lazy Susan is multi colors are my favorite pieces in the line.  All my years on the trail for hunting Shawnee, the water ball jugs were the only pieces I would find.
Valencia creamer
Valencia Dancers lamp
  Another friend and avid collector is on the road and hitting as many antique stores as he possibly can - here's an excerpt from his travels
  "Here is our update on antique stores here in Florida:  they are NOT good for cookie jar collectors lol :-(  Traveling down the major interstate in Florida my dad and I have stopped at every single store, mall, etc we have seen.  We have literally walked through 600,000+ sq ft of antique stores and antique malls and we have ran across 4 Shawnee jars and that is it!!!  4!!!  That is NOT what I was expecting :-(  we have found 2 shamrock Smileys with NO gold trim and their prices were $495 and $295.  A Tulip Smiley and a chocolate Winnie bank both with no gold and they were $450 and Winnie was $525 :-(  I was shocked!!  We went to the antique show in st pete beach last night and there was Pearl Cooky Black Americana jar and he was $695 :-(  We have ran across the common McCoy jars here and there and a few common American Bisque but that is it :-(  all in all we have probably found 20 cookie jars total in all this time in all of those antique stores plus the 4 HUGE flea markets we have went too. 

It still blows my mind that I am not finding any Shawnee?  I figured every store would have at least one or 2 but that is NOT the case.  I'm too the point where I just want to see Shawnee even if it's common jars or jars I'm not interested in.  I guess me finding a Hairy, bug, patch etc here is probably going to be out of the question BUT I will definitely keep looking because you never know" :-)

  I am waiting for an update, hope there is something special out there for him to add to his collection.  Years back when I took road trips I preferred driving at night so I had a lot time at my destination - UNTIL I began collecting, then I timed all my drives so I could hit the first series of antique shops - when I visited friends in southern Calif I worked my way up Interstate 10 and arrived at my friends around 6 PM.  Many times I would leave Arizona at 1 AM to arrive in Pomona for their street fair before 6 AM.  A few months I would drive it several weekends - had it not been for all the shops I wanted to hit, it would have more sense to fly over and back.  Yet one weekend I did that - flights were delayed from the East due to bad weather and I spent almost 11 hours waiting for a plane to fly an hour to Arizona - I have thought about that often the past few weeks with the freeze so many of you are dealing with.  It cripples flights all over. the country.  My heart goes out to all of you suffering through this bitter winter.  Doug and I are always sending emails back and forth this time of year - he is freezing with snow and I am having the yard guy mow every other week, come summer when we hit 118 he can rub in the beautiful summer he is having - he needs to put a link here with photos he takes - absolutely amazing  :)  (how about I just bore you with the banner pictures. Doug)
  Hope to have some pictures for you for next month's newsletters - we always love to see how you are displaying your collections - none are too small.................................
Until next month.

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Relish Tray
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