Shawnee Tales
Jan 2014
by Lin Romberg
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Doug's Corner
  Hard to believe another year has gone by, so looking forward to a new year and hope this is true for all of you.

  Kent Mickelson held an auction in early December featuring a long time Shawnee collector's  collection.  We heard from a lot of the buyers who attended the auction and they were all pleased with purchases they were able to bring home.  One collector had recently acquired the Cottage salt and pepper shakers and sugar/grease jar so was happy to get the cookie jar at the auction.
  The shakers and sugar - what a total steal.......

  "Needless to say I was thrilled!! I promptly took them to the counter. They were originally marked $95.00 for the 3 pieces…marked down to $85.00!

They are spotless, no chips, cracks, crazing nothing."

  "Lin... I snagged something good.... Cottage Cookie Jar.... $400, but since I saved on the shakers and sugar.... didn't feel bad. People actually came up to me and congratulated me on getting it.... First time that's happened at an auction I've attended.

  I also picked up the puppy figurine w/ label for $25
2 Snowflake mixing bowls for $25
a Yellow Hexagonal cookie jar for $7.50... yes... $7.50!

  Some things went super cheap, others brought reasonable prices...."
  Another long time collector wrote -

  " I went to Kent's Shawnee auction on Dec. 7th. That is where I found out you had a Shawnee Newsletter.  I have been collecting for quite a while.  The prices were to me very reasonable. There were some excellent pieces, lots of gold pieces, lots of teapots, miniatures, salt and peppers I purchased a set of Smiley range set s/p with the rose on it. Bo Peep pitcher with gold and decals. but my special buy was the Daisy Smiley Cookie Jar.  I owned one years ago and like a fool sold it and finally found another to replace it.  It was a great auction.

  The couple was from the Kansas City area, and had attended many of the auctions that Kent had had in the past. They sat in the front row of Kent's auctions that we attended, they were quiet unlike the back row where we sat. The couple is moving to Florida and did not want to or could not take it all with them.  I thought the prices were very reasonable.  It was a very good collection with a lot of gold pieces, especially the teapots.    I love auctions especially cookie jars and Shawnee."

  Here is a link to the auction selling prices - so appreciative that Cory Miclelson forwarded this.  We will be glad to share any news of upcoming auctions as they have been know to have terrific collections offered for sale!  Thanks to Cory and all of you who shared with us.

  From there you can view the catalog and the selling prices for ALL items.
  Many of our readers know Red Houston, I recently heard he is experiencing some health issues so ask that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
  Another sample piece recently sold - unusual coloring, many samples are one of a kind pieces that for one reason or another never made it into production.  What a rare find!!  Could have been difficult to achieve quality in coloring or style.  Whatever the reason, this vase sold for $293.88


  Hoping everyone has a wonderful 2014 with a lot of great additions to your collections - be sure to share with us in upcoming issues!
Until next month,