Shawnee Tales
Dec 2013
by Lin Romberg
  Here it is Black Friday and I am avoiding being out in the stores so am writing the newsletter instead.  Just not enough bargains to make me fight the crowds.  My Mom used to say I loved shopping, but while I love antiquing, I hate shopping. There is a BIG difference!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had an email from long time collector friends who had a wonderful find recently and sent some gorgeous pictures of a display.

  "After a very long wait, we finally have found something new. A pair of gold Clover Blossom Smiley and Winnie Range Salt and Peppers. We saw a pair years ago and passed on them. By the time we went back to get them they were gone, of course. So we did snatched these up when we had the opportunity. Paid a lot more than we saw the first pair for, but that was to be expected."
  Another reader found a very unusual Granny Ann gold teapot marked sample.  Not sure how these pieces ever made it into the secondary market, I would expect Shawnee kept these on the premises while determining if the item would make it into production. Possibly employees ended up with them upon closure of the plant, who knows? ( I noticed on the label the words "Not Selected".  Doug)
  I have only seen a couple of pieces of Shawnee with this Sample label on, from common pieces to really rare one of a kind pieces that evidently did not make it into production.  It would be interesting to know exactly what went on in design and how decisions were made.  There have to be so many pieces that never made it into production.  We can only speculate.  If readers have any pieces so marked, it would be fun to include them in an upcoming newsletter.

  There is an upcoming Shawnee auction on Dec 7 at Kent Mickelson's auction near Freeman, Missouri.  This is a long tine collector's collection and some nice pieces. You can register to bid online.  They have been known to have some major cookie jar and pottery auctions so might be worth book marking their web site and checking it from time to time.
  There is an Ebay auction currently of a gold tulip pig cookie jar, the seller apparently did  a bit of research although not very thorough as they list it as having previously sold at $6700 - they are asking $1200.  They don't realize the jar that sold so high was from Ermagene Westfall's auction many years ago but for the gold clover bud Smiley cookie jar. A rare jar and even more desirable being the one featured in her cookie jar book. Terrific jars and unique pieces still command good prices but the tulip is not that uncommon.
  Hoping Santa brings you a special piece of pottery, if not, maybe you should treat yourself!

  Doug and I are wishing everyone a Merry Christmas with friends and family.

See you in January.

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