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Archives -  Spring 2004
SHAWNEE TALES  by  Linda Romberg
June  2005
June 2005
  This will be short as I am having computer problems and have lost the newsletter three times so far getting bounced off AOL.

  A reminder to everyone that Pottery Festival is in Zanesville, Ohio from July 7-16, the dates vary depending on the sites I checked online - lots of events and collectors/dealer sell pottery out of their hotel rooms. Amazing learning experience as Zanesville is the heartland for many of the old pottery companies and collectors come from all across the states to shop and share during this week. To date I have not heard of any cookie jar auctions being featured this year. Email me with any questions and I will try to provide additional information.
  In May there was an unsusual Smiley pig with under glazed maroon bib, no gold, no rosy cheeks but decals that are vintage to the same era. I think these decals have been found on Little Red Riding Hood pieces by Hull. Louise Bauer who worked for Shawnee later designed the Little Red Riding Hood line for Hull Pottery and the expanded the line for production for Regal China. Whether this jar was decorated at the factory or afterward, it is very striking and I've not seen another. Years ago I purchased a light blue bib Smiley cookie jar, entirely under glaze with gold shamrocks on the base - unlike any I have ever seen - no other gold and no rosy cheeks but I liked the jar. The important things about building your collection is to buy what you like so you will continue to enjoy the collection for many years to come
The gold shamrocks are shiny gold but show up dark in any photograph.
  Some of these pieces could be "lunch hour pieces" which the pottery workers did for their own personal use! Stories have it that at times the management would have spur of the moment inspections as employees were leaving the plant and not wanting to be caught, workers just let pottery hit the floor having hidden pieces under their coats or in bags - just imagine what treasures were lost.

  Scott shared some pictures of his collection. Beautiful display of Smileys - he has quite an assortment of red bibs with various floral decals and apple decoration as you can see.
  Hope everyone has a great summer and gets a chance to explore all the wonderful antique and flea markets.  Hope some of you will share some of your finds with the rest of us.

  Doug was coming back from a trip to Ohio and found a terrific piece this past month - will let him display it here.  A real beauty.

Until next time.

Lin                    linromb@aol.com

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