Shawnee Tales
OCT 2013
by Lin Romberg
  Well, we missed last month so need to get back on schedule. I hope everyone is enjoying Fall and the flea markets in their area.  I had a stroke of luck this past month, a collector friend knew I was looking for a gold Smiley Green bib lid and spotted one on Ebay tipping me about it as a buy it now.  When it arrived it was so well wrapped.......... large enough box for an entire jar easily and SURPRISE. the seller sent me the base that had a chip on the inner rim - which does not show with the lid on and no hairline running from the chip - a note saying he hoped I had a use for the base - what a thoughtful seller.  One of my more positive experiences on Ebay - even a non collector didn't have the heart to dispose of a damaged base!!!

  A collector sent in a picture of a really unusual Smiley - take note of the blue shoulder paint AND the strawberry decals.
  Is anyone having luck finding the animal figurines in gold trim only - I have had four of them for over twenty years and have never been able to complete the set so plan to sell them. They are so hard to find but did hear a collector has the set with exception of the deer.  We all know it is the rarest of the figurines even in the plain set.  Here's a picture of the deer with the milk can decal - EXTREMELY RARE and no it isn't in my collection!!!!!

  Several times a month we hear from Ebay sellers who have been alerted the piece they have listed is a fake - really sad as often they think they have found a really rare piece only to later discover they had been scammed.  Always nice to know they care enough to correct the listing.

  One seller saw a green scarf Muggsy at a shop - went home and discovered it is one of the harder to find so went back to buy it - when she listed it several collectors notified her it was fake - how disappointing - here is a picture of the fake and another of the real one.  What a spectacular jar.
  Hoping everyone is having some finds, definitely a buyers market, at least on Ebay!
Until next month.

Doug's Corner
  I received a request to help get an inherited collection out of a box and into the light. If you have an interest in an instant collection or Christmas shopping, drop me an email and I'll put you in contact with the owner. (it is located in the Dallas,TX area)  Email me
  A dedicated shaker collector passed along some early gold-trimmed shaker pictures. These are the first GT Conventional shakers I've seen. The white Rabbit appears to be decorated underglaze. I guess it's obvious I like this early stuff, utility ware was the core business of Shawnee in the early years. Little jems like these are out there waiting for you.
The White Corn shakers above nicely illustrate the varibility of the gold-trmmed decoration.
The Maizeware at the right was a Terrace Ceramic glaze. I've often wondered why Shawnee didn't use.
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