by Linda Romberg
Shawnee Tales
May 2013
  Two weeks ago I was asked about this teapot. I didn't have the answer and today I still don't. I've seen it a time or two and decided it wasn't Shawnee and didn't follow-up on it. So today I come to you and ask, who made this teapot?  Please Click here to send me your thoughts.
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  Many of you are still dealing with snow storms but here in Arizona we just had our first 100 degree day today - has been a super warm Spring already.

  Hearing from readers who are getting out to local flea markets - one found a beautiful long tailed gold Puss N Boots.

  Another had a couple of great finds but sent no pictures.

  " I managed to get to an estate sale last week that had "cookie jars" listed, and to my surprise found 2 fantastic buys. (at least I think they were good deals)  I found the drummer boy cookie jar in excellent condition listed for $95.00, but managed to get him for $80.00 and a blueberry Winnie for $75.00.  also in very good condition. "
  I haven't been to any local sales recently.  Over the years the only Shawnee I have ever found at yard sales is an owl cookie jar for ten dollars and Smiley peach flower creamer for fifteen dollars.  Oh, but at another sale years ago a gal was eating breakfast cereal out of corn popcorn bowl - no, it was not for sale and the only piece of cornware she had!!!!!!!!!!!
  Does anyone know which of the Puss N Boots mold is the original - like Muggsy they are two distinct patterns to the feet? 

  In Pam's book it mentioned the "v" in Puss 'N Boots feet. Wondering if this is an older jar? He also noted that it was priced less than the others.
  Another reader inquired about the red headed Granny Ann teapots - they are NOT common at all, the only ones I have found for my own collection are all on the lavender apron bases.
Until Next month..........

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