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SHAWNEE TALES  by  Linda Romberg
Apr 2005
  Doug is on the road traveling so I have procrastinated getting the newsletter together knowing I have a few extra days - Arizona has been having gorgeous weather so I have been enjoying the outdoors!

  Last month I had several emails with contributions for sharing with members.  Included are pictures of the match box holders and some salt boxes.  The fern and fern/flower pattern are popular series with many collectors - here are some great examples of match box holders which come in ivory, flax blue, turquoise, yellow - other flower and fern pieces have been found in a dark jade green but I have never heard of any of the salt boxes or match holders being found in that color - seems strange that the color availability would be limited in the same pattern line.  Gold trim pieces are very rare in both items - I had never seem a gold trim match holder until Terry Bauer sent me a picture of one in his collection - an aqua color loaded with gold.
  I have an ivory salt box with gold outline however a lot of the gold has worn off especially on the lid yet it is one of the few I have WITH a lid.  As you can see, I am also missing lids to a flax blue fern, green flower/fern and yellow flower/fern salt box - anyone happen to have a lid or complete salt box with damaged base?  Even a complete salt box or match holder I am missing?  I limited myself to just certain pieces in the dinner ware lines as unable to display much more..
  I noticed in Doug's wanted section of the website someone is requesting a burgundy match holder - if anyone has knowledge of other colors not shown in the books or mentioned here - we would love to hear about them - just because we haven't seen them does not mean they don't exist in other variations!

  Steve Popowich of Florida had a wonderful magazine article done by a local magazine OCALA featuring his home and his wonderful Shawnee collection - I hope Doug is able to scan the article to insert the entire story complete with photos - a wonderful display.

  A word to everyone about purchases on Ebay - it pays to request additional pictures if the ones shown are not close ups - example is a gold clover bud Winnie base I purchased - none of the dark crazing showed up nor did the overall condition of the piece - it honestly looked as if it had barely survived a home fire - the most disgusting piece of Shawnee pottery I have ever seen and yet I haven't the heart to throw it in the trash even so!!!!  Many auction pictures do not capture the essence of the piece being listed and so many of the sellers are novices that do not know what is important to us a collectors.  Here is the picture of the base I received. Luckily the seller reduced the price as the lid was okay - I truly believe it was an honest mistake.  This past month there was quite a stir among collectors about some gold corn and Indian corn shakers listed recently as to authenticity.  Don't hesitate to question sellers and inquire among other collectors for their opinions!!

Click the picture to see article
  Thanks Steve for sharing this with all of us!
  With summer coming I am not certain the newsletter will be as regular - will do my best and hope to hear from many of you regarding your finds along the antique trail.

Happy hunting!

May  2005
This ole backyard of mine is kicking-up again, it happens every year.
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