Embossed Watering Can - This is found in solid colors, sometimes painted. This is the first all gold one I've seen. It is marked USA. If you believe it to be made by another pottery company please click to send me your thoughts.  
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Poinsettia Jug - This particular piece is about as close as I've seen to a intentional Christmas piece. Maybe an elf made this one and took it home !
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A couple nice displays of miniatures.
This one puts an end to a big question of a lot of people, " I wonder what these little things were used for ?" Thanks to Dominck Abel, now you know!   A Perfume Bottle.    It's easy when you see it with stopper and label.  
Here is a Miniature and a not so Miniature. The large Swan is 5 3/8" tall and marked USA . I understand Pam Curran felt it is Shawnee Pottery. 
This pretty little, not in the books, perfume bottle is thought to be Shawnee by knowledgeable collectors. If you have a square perfume bottle with stopper I'll be glad to include it here. Email me
This Perfume Bottle is not in the books, and not "officially" Shawnee. If it isn't, it sure has missed a good chance. Tell us what you think. It surely had a lid at one time.
This piece shows up in the Mangus book in plain glaze, but not in the Curran book at all.
Will you recognize this min vase when you see ?
The last word
Cast in doubt
11 - 4 - 07
11 - 4 - 07
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