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I know, What's the cookie jar doing here ? I still wonder about him every time I look at him, which is nearly everyday. He is a fine example of a $200, at the time, cookie jar turned into a $65 lamp. Maybe he needs a princess to kiss him to turn him back!
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This lamp isn't pictured in the books, but I feel is without a doubt Shawnee. The flower is familiar, the bottom is right on, and how about the color, even a U.S.A. for good  measure - I'm convinced. If you aren't, Tell us why  .
The Seal lamp is collected as Shawnee. After examination I would say rightfully so, with glazed interior and strength ring bottom. This lamp is 8" tall and paint under the glaze. I think most  of the lamps in this series were cold painted. I say series because there is a Monkey lamp the same size and construction as it is with cold paint. If you have an animal lamp similar to this with with the strength ring bottom, Please Let me know.
The Locomotive lamp, confirmed Shawnee, is a companion to the Stagecoach lamp shown in the Curran book. It is cold painted. I have seen two similiar lamps make by other potterys, both with open bottoms. I have included pictures of one. The shade is believed to be original.
This lamp has the same flower as the Embossed Rose teapot seen on page 198 of the Mangus book. It is a matte finsh, beige in color like some of the early kitchenware.
This lamp is considered Shawnee by everyone I've asked about it.
You can call this whatever you want.
Beware of this pair of clowns !
I only know two collectors that have this lamp. Both experienced and sure it is Shawnee.
The Anchor, Rope and Stars is confirmed Shawnee. I've also seen this in light blue. Do you have any colors to add ?
This Oriental Woman with Mandolin is likely one of a kind. The blue clothing is certainly non-typical, as is the pedestal.
Time to add another, looks like a clown to me.
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Updated 9-13-08
Updated 9-13-08
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