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I have placed this piece in Lamps rather than Who because I strongly feel it is Shawnee. I certainly welcome your thoughts. It is 7" tall x 8 1/4" long, with a glazed interior. I am inclined to group it with the Stagecoach and Locomotive lamps, rather than the circus series.  your comment
Comments :
11-20   It's hard to tell, but it certainly could be Shawnee. Looks good. The bottom looks very much like the stagecoach lamp, but my stagecoach is marked USA and L295. Absence of a (wire) hole is troubling...
11-20   It sure looks good. Kind of like the Stagecoach Lamp. Back when Pam Curran was doing the newsletters, Bob Heckman (a Shawnee designer) did tell her that "we hadn't even begun to get into lamps." So there are still many that have not been identifed.
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