What's wrong with this picture ?
For those of you new to pottery. Molds made from original pieces end up producing a smaller rendition of the original piece, well illustrated here.
The blue horse on the right is nice find, marked Kenwood. The gray horse is a rare find. Jeff Rouse describes it like this - "It is obviously made from a full-sized mold and is marked on the bottom with Kenwood markings. The moulding is crisp, but the planter has no fired glazing on it, consequently it is much lighter than normal. It is unglazed bisque that is entirely cold painted. The interior is raw clay as well. Whether it was a take home piece or made by someone with an original mold, i don't know." To me it's pieces like this that keeps the hunt interesting. I wonder if this piece was a product of Terrace Ceramics? Their Smiley and Winnie cookie jars have a matte finish with cold paint. Hmm.      Send me your thoughts
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