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4" tall
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1 - I have seen this piece before and because of the weight, colors, and style have also thought it looked like Shawnee. I have seen it in the peach color and pink also, but none of them ever marked.
2 - Looks like the right color. Doesn't look like Shawnee to me.
3 - This question has been asked many times. I have seen the piece, held it and just not sure enough to buy it though. I have seen it in the yellow and aqua colors. I just don't feel it is quite there. I do have a number of catalogs and it is not in them. I am leaning toward a California Pottery.
4 - It certainly could be but I don't collect the mini's and have not seen enough to know.
July 15, 2006 - She is a California piece and was made by Walker Potteries. She is the smaller of two sizes I know about. She has often been confused of being Haldeman Caliente.
( Sounds like a not Shawnee to me - Doug )
- A good research site