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  On the left - This book piece is described as "Spanish Dancers Display Figurine" 11 1/4" high with a 5 1/2" dia. base.The word Valencia is embossed on the front. They were also made as  lamps. I suppose they can show up in any Valencia color.
  On the right - another pair of dancers, familiar looking ?  You'll notice they lack the base of the Dancers to the left. The dancers themselves are both 10" tall. Scroll down and you'll find another surprising difference.
  That's right, a planter.  The Dancer figures themselves are the same size. The transformation to planter was well done, not an amateurish attempt. Decent weight pottery, the bottom is unmarked. If you look real close (above), the mold detail is not sharp. This leads me to believe the mold was a wornout/retired Shawnee mold that somebody felt compelled to tinker with, somebody that wasn't new to mold working/making.
This piece is/was in Olde Towne Antique Mall on Main St. in Zanesville,OH
And then there is this colorful pair of Dancers that measure in at 9 1/4" tall. The proportion looks right and the mold is pretty sharp, which probably means it was reproduced from the Shawnee piece. It has sort of an iridescent glaze and the pottery color not typical of Shawnee. Then what can you expect for a dollar.
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