I don't know of many odd pieces in the cornware line. The Curran book shows two molds for the relish trays. The Sharing Shawnee site showed a mixing bowl in an odd color with the word Shawnee on the bottom misspelled. Another set of  mixing bowls appear to be an out and out rip-off, with a Shawnee logo on the bottom and the number 5. These bowls are a solid light yellow. We had all three sizes. A fellow Shawnee collector informed me the butter dish lids were made in two mold designs, sure enough, pictures below. .  
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The white corn line had some variation in the gold trimmed pieces. A teapot appears in the Curran book with only the spout and handle gold. There is a series with the green leaves only outlined in gold as well. I haven't seen the small salt and peppers or a sugar shaker in this trim yet. If you have, please drop me a note .
The rust decorated gold trimmed white corn came air brushed and brush stroked. I have only seen the creamer & sugar and the large pitcher/jug in the brush stroke. Surely the other pieces exist. If you have any of them please share them with us.
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The all gold Corn Teapot was a White Corn Teapot marked U.S.A.
This link is in response to a question about marks.
Answer - After checking mine and confering with my Corn expert it seems they were marked at least three ways. "USA", "USA  78", and "Shawnee  USA  78". The Queen sugars seem to be marked "Shawnee  USA  78".
Note the yellow handle on this individual Corn King teapot.
Interesting cornware creamer, actually two.
Do you have trouble keeping it straight ?
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