I didn't know exactly where this corn creamer belonged.  Obviously the color doesn't fit the norm. Everything about the mold works except the height, the rim extends above the handle by 1/4". The bottom has the right stuff with the addition of the initials C W P. My first thought was an experimential piece or maybe something with a Terrace Ceramic origin. As you can see from the pictures, the rim in considerably heavier than  production pieces. My cornware expert made the following observation.
In part, "Then I went to the Curran book. The initials CWP got me to wondering. Low and behold on page 29 - Clifford Pots, DIE MAKER - could he be the culprit? Wish we knew his middle initial! Just a hunch, but maybe it is truely Shawnee and was an early model. Let me know what you think."    Jim
Jim - I think you are a genius. 
Below is a good comparison picture of 2 Terrace Ceramic creamers vs a Shawnee (top left). I've seen some of the Terrace pieces that had the word Shawnee literally scatched out.
While on the subject of corn creamers. Jim sent a picture of the corn creamer shown below. I have handled one like it, it is right in general appearance. But, it is very glossy, more like a porcelain than pottery in weight. If you know anything about this one - Let me know  
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Courtesy of Dennie & Margie Caynor