Cookie Jars
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Carousel - The normal colors on this jar seem to be red, white, and blue. We found this example with red trim and dark brown carousel animals. It is marked with the script S 4 . If you have a different one,  drop me a note.
We found this Smiley in Zanesville. Gold decoration only, with a lot of wear. It is an early cold paint style jar marked USA. The authenticity of this jar has been questioned, send me your thoughts .
This Smiley is a little rough, but came home with us because of his colored bottom. The bottom is an aqua underglaze like the early Dutch boy and girl jars. It is a cold paint style jar marked USA. If you have a Smiley or Winnie in this style, let me know .
The underglaze bug above the left eye on this Puss N Boots is an unusual find. Do you know of others ?
Smiley with Poppies, the bib is bright red like found on GT Winnie cookie jars and some GT Smiley & Winnie salt & peppers.
GT Smiley with Daisies, in the book, but hard to find !
This is one you don't find everyday. GT Smiley with a flower under the collar. Do you know of others ?
The Bugs and the Bees. A number of examples.
This GT Winnie has an unpublished and probably unique hat decoration.
GT Lucky with a patch and a bug.
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These Dutch Girls show variations of decoration, front and back.
This Jo Jo Clown is interesting due to the lack of a ball. Don't even think it ! This one never had a ball. Notice the angle of the head versus normal production Jo Jo jars. A real find !
The collector of this jar found a pleasant surprise hiding under the scarf.
Looks like someone new in the Jill family. This is a Great Northern Jill with a yellow base. Is this the only one out there ? If you know of another, please let me know.
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This Sailor Boy has a surprise behind him other than a cookie.
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Added July 2005