I feel like I've seen this cloverbud before, and the blue bow. Does the red on the hat and ears look familiar ?  The piece doesn't say Shawnee to me, but the designer may have some Shawnee roots. This clown (to me) appears to be related to the figural dogs that were in Rudy Ganz's personal collection.  The dogs  -  Blue  &  Brown     Any thoughts on this guy ?  click here to say it
Cloverbud sugar lid.
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Notice the glazed interior
The other Ganz collection pieces.
Blue Dog
Smiley creamer
Brown Dog
Be sure to scoll all the way down for some more of the story.
Just remembered - UPDATE !
I was looking for another picture and guess what - there he was. I took this in Ohio two months ago, but was in a hurry and didn't realize he was the same dude. Just thought he was similiar. This one is probably a production piece, notice the pedestal base, manufacture unknown !
If you know who made this guy, I would really like to hear from you. click here
I believe it would be safe to say these guys have real similiar DNA.