These Setter bookends are near the top of my favorite pieces list. The paint is underglaze, marked USA . They came from a collector in Zanesville. Don't be fooled by the nearly identical "Made in Japan" rendition. They are a little larger and the color, i think, is more of a brown. I've seen a set with a "Made in Japan" paper label on the bottom. A note on the Shawnee colors of these bookends, I have three white ones bought at different times, none of them are exactly the same color. Of course you'll find this to be the case with all pottery.
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These are your everyday Potter's Wheel bookends with the Shawnee mark. They were found in Red Wing, MN.
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The dark brown Potter's Wheel bookends are probably the least common of this shape.  Notice the brown ones are not marked Zanesville on the front, but are marked "Crafted by Shawnee" on the back. Referenced in Curran page 222.
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