Advertising Pieces
Items with the Shawnee Arrowhead are limited to the Cigarette Box and the Arrowhead Ashtray. The Cigarette Boxes came in a number of variations. The rust color probably the most common. The books show a white bottom with a colored arrowhead on the lid. I show two examples here, one with a brown lid. The other with an all white lid, at one time belonged to a past Shawnee Company President. I don't know of an Arrowhead Ashtray in any color except rust. If you have another variation let me know .
To the best of my knowledge the Potter's Wheel Bookends marked Shawnee came in two colors, dark green and dark brown. If you have a different color please share them with us.  Email me
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Here is a seldom seem piece of Shawnee history
I have discovered the existence of 2 white ashtrays. Each in different collections.